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IHC News and Events

Our newest Product: The FLXI/Indian Princess Sidecar.

 FLXI was a very well known sidecar manufacturer in the 1920's and made FLXIble sidecar frames for racing and non-racing applications. The Early 20's thru 1939 Indian Princess sidecar is identical to the rigid or non-flexible frame FLXI body. We have reproduced this body and are now able to offer them for sale.











We've been invited to bring our aluminum 648 "Big Base" Scout to this years Handbuilt Show in Austin Texas. The show will be featuring over 100 custom built M/Cs. Make sure to come by and check them out if you're in town.








Adding to our long list of products, we will soon be producing a limited number of Aluminum alloy fenders

for both the early and late model (pre-54)  Chief, Scout, and Four models. Watch for updates in the next

few weeks on our Facebook page.

We have a new ad coming out in the quarterly AMCA magazine. Check it out below.

If you have a Vintage or Antique motorcycle and you're not a member of the AMCA then

you're missing out on some great events, including National Swap Meets and Road Runs.

Here is a link to the AMCA site... take a look. 

We recently took part in the Black Hills AMCA Road Run with about 90 other AMCA members on everything from Crockers to Vincents and about 25 other Indian riders.


After the Black Hills Road Run we traveled to Bonneville to assist in a record attempt by a fellow Indian rider Jim Mosher and his Twin Scout (dual engine) nitrous injected racer. He and his rider, Craig Murry, were able to beat the existing 1350cc AV-F record by nearly 20 mph.  They averaged 148 mph on their last two runs. Here is a video of the initial dyno run at Bonneville on our Facebook page. We here at IHC built the custom tank, seat, and tail section for this machine. The tank holds 5 gallons of fuel, and has two separate oil tanks....one for each engine. The bike took 3 years to build from scratch. This specialized bike is now street legal in New Mexico !! They are hoping to have it back next year and go for a higher record in the class. Eventually they are hoping for 200mph with aerodynamic body work. If you'd like you can watch it on YOUTUBE





 The AMCA meet in Davenport Iowa at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds is one of the biggest in the country, and is coming up Labor Day weekend. We'll be there as usual in spaces

 P-13 & 14....Hope to see you there.