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Bike Gallery

Restorations by Iron Horse Corral and by individual customers using our tanks and/or fenders. 



Above: 1940 Sport Scout Restored by IHC in 1998


Above: 1941 Sport Scout restored by IHC in 1997 First in Class at the 1997 Del Mar Concours Show


Above: 1936 Scout Dispatch Tow restored by Jeff Johnson and IHC


Above: 1940 Sport Scout restored in 2011 by IHC (owner Nick Dounias)  and 1st PLACE WINNER 2013 Del Mar Concours


1949/38 Custom Scout restored by IHC in 2012 (owner Steve Salzman) Winner: First in Class at the 2012 Hanford Motorcycle Show and Meet


 Our 1948 Chief which was Featured in the December 2011 issue of Iron Works magazine. 1st place in class at the 2011 Sacramento Autorama...Built using NOS engine and tranny w/custom all aluminum Indian sidecar built by IHC...  Sidecar has GPS driven speedo with clock and volt meter, and has a complete stereo system behind the seat.

for more info contact Matt @ 559 322 3326  

 Click on photo to see a video of this bikes features.

Our FACEBOOK page shows most of these bikes and more along with

the complete sidecar fabrication process.


Jim Q's 1941 Chief   Finished on June 1st  2013

IHC restoration including frame straightening, assembly, Paint,

IHC Tanks,Fr. fender, Gen. Belt guard.


Big Base 648 custom built all aluminum 58" stroker scout.  (click on the photo to see the first ride)


 This bike is a street legal racing scout with hand built

aluminum gas tanks , oil tank, fender, chain guard, air cleaner. Nickel plated frame,

custom racing cams and followers, coated Arias pistons, Carrillo rods, etc.




Bobby Hill replica 648 Racing Scout:


This is a real 648 Big Base Scout Racer. Built from an engine and frame from Dick Gross' basement. Dick was the tuner and engine builder for Bobby Hill during his National #1 years of 1951 - 52. Bobby Hill was part of the Indian Wrecking Crew and had his most successful years were while working with Dick. The Indian wrecking crew was Bobby Hill, Bill Tuman, and Ernie Beckman.  

This bike has many unique features including a tachometer driven off of the oil pump. It has a hand built rear frame section from Chromoly steel.

This bike also is one of only two bikes still in existence with what is known as a four cam set up. It is actually two cams with four lobes. Dick used this configuration to dial in the cam timing to a much closer degree tolerance. Included with this bike is Dick's own note book where he jotted down the cam timing for Bobby's 1952 Springfield Mile race, which he won.

At that time if you won that race you became National #1 and carried the plate for the next season. Bobby Hill won in 51 and 52 thus carrying the plate in 52 and 53. Bill Tuman won in 53 on an Indian, and carried #1 in 1954. He was the last racer to win the #1 crown by winning at Springfield.

Many pieces of memorabilia including Dick Gross' own racing jersey, original framed racing posters, photos, newspapers, and note books are shown below. Also, a box of original cams including "four cam" set ups and hand ground followers. An extra 648 cam cover too.

matboxcams-tn.jpg matcamsmagazine-tn.jpg matorigposters-tn.jpg matracejersey-tn.jpg

matracertach-tn.jpg 648left-tn.jpg